The Timberworx Difference

Our belief in the art of building emerges from our passion, commitment and imagination. Every Timberworx home embodies this belief.

Timberworx creates singular homes that fulfill your needs and your soul.

Building beautiful homes where people can live their lives to the fullest is something we care deeply about. We believe that true luxury is when people have a home they find both beautiful and perfectly suited to them. We are passionate about offering this to each client, creating luxury homes that will instill a sense of pride and place, for generations.

Luxury home building isn’t just about the construction of that perfect home. It’s about luxury service, from the design to the build, to long after with warranty, maintenance and upgrades. Our own process is about being highly responsive, about being there when you need us. We make sure you always feel that your home is the best it can be.

Timberworx offers service beyond the ordinary...

Eve Claxton

Eve Claxton
Design and Realty Specialist

We also offer our clients a unique perspective to the custom home build with our dedicated Design and Realty Specialist, Eve Claxton. Eve is a certified real estate agent which benefits our clients by offering a realtor’s expertise during the design process. How much resale value can be gained from a stone vs. wood exterior? Are there long-term benefits to adding a particular trendy feature? Eve has extensive experience in the luxury home real estate business and guides our clients in directions that serve them best.

Where clients need to sell their current home before moving into their new home, Eve can provide all the needed services around home staging, listing and sales.