The Purist

An ethereal calm permeates this home with its expansive windows and ceilings, and its clean, natural white finishes.

Completed: 2012


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Modern living in a whole new light.


This 2,800 sq. ft. home in Guelph, Ontario exemplifies modern made livable. With warm whites and comforting features, like heated limestone flooring and mulitple fireplaces, the feel is unmistakably welcoming, while the open concept layout and clean, long lines of the cabinetry and trim communicate a distinctly modern sensibility. Floor to ceiling windows and an abundance of natural light throughout ensure that an open, airy feel permeates.

The living area features six massive wood patio doors that provide the room with 24’ of glass to showcase the beautiful view and to open out to the covered outdoor area. This is lux living at its best with the highest end fixtures, finishes and appliances – for the pure enjoyment of being at home.

Project Highlights

  • Kitchen


    Luxurious soapstone and marble countertops and an open pantry give a Parisian aesthetic to this kitchen. Features like a built-in oven area, hidden fridge and large island deliver beauty and functionality.

  • Bathroom


    Honed white Calcutta marble and heated flooring set the atmosphere for pure relaxation in this bathroom. The shower is equipped with rain shower, body sprays and electronic controls.

  • Living Room


    Flooring is pivotal in setting the feel of a home, and the imported French white oak throughout this house is like a warm and gracious invitation. Light, clean and airy, it lends both a modern and soft feel.

The design stage


The design for this home focused on the needs of the busy, professional couple – to offer a space for quiet, relaxing moments as easily as large gatherings. The concept evolved into something truly special in this modern-meets-French-country design.

An initial challenge was the property’s proximity to the front road. Raising the lot with hundreds of tons of fill improved the vantage point and now gives the home a majestic presence. Strategically placed windows and an elongated four-bay garage ensure optimal views.